CND Workshops: the different states of consciousness and conscious eating

With Jorge Crecis and Gemma Bes

The activity in the National Dance Company has not stopped even with the arrival of the end of the year.
In December we have had two very interesting formations by two great professionals: Jorge Crecis and Gemma Bes.


Jorge Crecis has given a workshop to train the different states of consciousness associated with the optimal performance of the artist. Through the Towards Vivencia method, we have trained the physical and psychological capacities related to presence; the cognitive processes associated with motivation, as well as creating new neural patterns, resulting in a non-ordinary state of optimal consciousness that can be used as a reference in future experiences.

For her part, Gemma Bes taught us how to improve sports performance and prevent injuries through conscious nutrition and rest. Among other things, in the workshop we elaborated energy balls full of nutrients with properties to cover the needs required during rehearsals or performances.