Patrons all


Culture is as important as those that support it. And with your valuable contribution you are offering much more than just economic support; you are helping the CND to be more open and receptive.” Thanks for your generosity.

Joaquín de Luz, CND Artistic Director.


“PATRONS ALL” offers a way for companies, organisations and individuals to contribute and get involved. It also brings you benefits, such as attending our rehearsals and our seasonal presentations, as well as talks and events with our director, our dancers and creators. Your very personalised treatment will give you deep insight into the CND and make you a part of our community.

Your contribution can be anything from €150 a year upwards.

For the first €150, 80% may be written off against tax returns for private individuals; 35% for higher amounts. For companies and organisations, tax relief on donations is 35%. In both cases. The minimum tax break is 10% for both groups.

All legal matters related to patronage may be consulted on the Ministry of Culture and Sportwebsite.

Become a patron

For further information on PATRONS ALL, please contact:

Aida Pérez
Sponsorship and Patronage
+34 910 50 50 86


  • Silvia Lousa Alonso
  • Santiago Arroyo Serrano
  • Lucía Bárcena Menéndez
  • Aida Bayón Gómez
  • Belén Caballero Martínez
  • Yolanda de la Calle Sangüesa
  • Juan Luis Camarasaltas Martín
  • Rebeca Collado Pérez
  • Triana Díaz Rojas
  • Agustín Frontán Gámez
  • María Gómez-Carrillo de Castro
  • José Carlos Gutiérrez Vigara
  • Laura Gema Haro Giner
  • Rocío Hermida Santiago
  • Cristina Horno Yuste
  • Beatriz Laina Hernández
  • Carla López Díaz
  • Eduardo López Rebollal
  • Carlos Manzano
  • José Luis Martín de la Torre
  • Carlos Pérez Mata
  • Eduardo Rivero
  • Margarita Robledo Uribe
  • Elisa Romero Fernández-Huidobro
  • Lourdes Treviño Quiroz
  • María Jesús Varona Ibáñez
  • Club de Ballet del Banco Europeo de Inversiones (Luxemburgo)