CND Educa

CND Educa

CND Educa, under Joaquín De Luz’s directorship, continues with the ongoing implementation of those CND activities previously developed but now with an emphasis on accessibility and creativity. Our mission resides not only in preserving and divulging dance heritage but also making it accessible, bringing this artistic discipline to all kinds of audiences, so at it becomes part of their leisure and cultural lives.


CND Educa aims to develop projects linked to society, bringing dance closer to boys and girls, young people, the elderly, people with different abilities and those who are at risk of social exclusion. Accessible projects that bring the CND and the art of dance closer to our community, showing how dance favors the integral development of the person in the different stages of life and in the most diverse situations.

In this section you can find activities of a very diverse nature, from dance workshops in inclusive educational centers, research meetings on dance and the performing arts in general, to school visits and educational publications.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at 910505094 (during office hours) or by sending an email to educa.cnd@inaem.cultura