Educational Project

CND Educa. Preservation, communication and tranmission of the art of dance

The CND’s educational project, under Joaquín De Luz’s directorship, continues with the ongoing implementation of those CND activities previously developed but now with an emphasis on accessibility and creativity. Our mission resides not only in preserving and divulging dance heritage but also making it accessible, bringing this artistic discipline to all kinds of audiences, so at it becomes part of their leisure and cultural lives.


The objectives of CND Educates are to design a socially-linked project forging contacts between the community and the CND. It aims not only to promote the art of dance but also to extend its practice and raise the profile of professionals who devote their lives to this discipline.

This section offers a wide variety of activities, from dance workshops in educational inclusion centres or events of investigation into the depths of dance and the performiing arts, including school visits and educational publications.

Contact Information:
Telf.: (+34) 91 05 05 108
E-mail: Educational Project Coordination