Dance by creating, my legacy

International Women's Day 2024

Our mother dancers unite in this CND video to honor all women in celebration of 8M 2024.


“In the world of dance, today and always we celebrate women. As G. Balanchine said “Dance is woman”, dancers are an almost alien race. They have superhuman strength and fight against all kinds of adversity, both physical and emotional. Dancers are strong and resilient beings. Today we want to give special value to our dancers who, in addition, are mothers or are going to be mothers, without leaving dance aside. Their profession and their motherhood will come together in their way of life that we all share.”

Joaquín De Luz

The protagonists of the video tell us about their experience as dancers and mothers, leaving, among others, these reflections:

“The difficult thing has been to find the balance between motherhood and career.”
Daniella Oropesa, CND corps de ballet dancer and mother.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mother soon but because of the career I decided to choose I put it aside a little bit”
Tamara Juárez, CND corps de ballet dancer and mother

“The hardest thing is touring because you have to organize yourself for the long haul.”
Natalia Muñoz, CND soloist dancer and mother

“It has changed me as a person, as a woman and as an artist.”
Kayoko Everhart, CND prima ballerina and mother

“The progressive barre exercises helped me get back in shape after motherhood”
Ana Calderon, CND soloist dancer and mother

“The return to work was very difficult because you feel like you are not 100% anywhere.”
María Muñoz, CND corps de ballet dancer

Kayoko Everhart, Daniella Oropesa, Tamara Juárez, Ana Calderón,
María Muñoz and Natalia Muñoz


Alba Muriel

A tu vera (The Cathedral: Agustín Barrios. Guitar: Javier Conde)

Sandra Morato, Raquel de la Iglesia, Naiara Sánchez, Maite Villanueva, Asun Guerrero, Santi, Noa, Oliver