Neuroscience and Dance

The CND collaborates with the Complutense University of Madrid

The Department of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), in collaboration with Eva Sánchez Martz, Neuroscientist and expert in dance movement, is carrying out a study titled "Dance and Cognitive Neuroscience".



“This project represents atremendous advance for the world of science and dancewith its pioneering work in clarifying how the professional dancer’s mind acts during a creative process.. The results will provide choreographers and teachers with innovative knowledge for the development of their work by way of an approach never before explored by science”.

The first collaboration of the CND in this UCM project took place yesterday, September 6: Isaac Montllor, principle dancer, and Alessandro Riga, lead principal dancer, performed improvisation movements using the inertial-technology motion capture suit at the CND HQ for approximately two hours. The results obtained will be used in the study.

You will be able to see a video summary of this collaboration soon on our social networks.