A Suite of Dances

Jerôme Robbins

Towards the end of his life, Jerome Robbins was especially inspired by his love for Bach’s music, and he choreographed three of his late works to Bach.

The premiere took place in March 1994 at the Baryshnikov's White Oak Dance Project.


A Suite of Dances is set to the Six Suites for Solo Cello, composed when Bach served as Kappellmeister in Cöthen and which cover a broad range of emotional territory. In the early 1990s, when Mikhail Baryshnikov expressed interest in working with Robbins again, the choreographer called to say he had “an idea for a little dance.” This charming, naturalistic ballet was the result. In it, the solo dancer and cellist act as partners, playing off each other with easy-going camaraderie.

Performed by permission of the Robbins Rights Trust