Nacho Duato

Cautiva is an original piece for Compañía Nacional de Danza by its Artistic Director, Nacho Duato, with music by the Basque composer Alberto Iglesias. This passionate music inspires and gives its name to the ballet, which, in a definitely oneiric language, and through a series of confronted images, tells us the story of Cautiva. The concept is conveyed by the main female character, her doubts and her continuous strruggle with a world of fantasy, love and death.


“I composed Cautiva with the feeling that the main idea of the work was an emotive, irrational one, which derived in multiple meanings. Joyce´s and Pound´s texts, which I counterposed, as if they were speaking to each other from a stage for these feelings, a stage of love, not just two characters telling their stories. They glide along with the music, getting lost and meeting again constantly. The power of the unreasonable, of the dark side of reason, is something essential to music. Maybe it is there that music and dance go together and make us tremble.”
Alberto Iglesias