Cero sobre cero

Nacho Duato

Cero sobre cero is Nacho Duato`s latest creation and the third collaboration between this choreographer and the Basque musician Alberto Iglesias. Both Duato and Iglesiasseem to have found a way of mutual understanding in which both creators’ works go through parallel lines to finally merge, as if music and movement had always been one.


In Cero sobre cero, ideas, words and gestures disintegrate to shape other meanings that diverge from their original intention. Duato wishes to underline the crisis which artistic values are undergoing in our society. There is also a strong intention to reflect the wild consumerism which is taking root in society, as well as its consequences on art. Everything is disposable, nothing lasts. Only the present, immediate pleasure is important; therefore, reflection does not even take place.

Those are hard conditions for creative activity. This instability causes a showdown that generates violent, even destructive attitudes. However, although this could be seen as a pessimistic view of the future, it is not at all. There is still a hope of communication with that which represents purity. This may be the pillar on which to build all constructive efforts towards renewal.