Nacho Duato

The title refers to the number of syllables of the Japanese haikus. The music has been originally created for the piece by Pedro Alcalde and Sergio Caballero, who collaborated before with Duato in "Herrumbre".

  • World premiere by: Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid (Spain), March 20th 2009

The haiku is probable the briefest poetic structure both in East and West. Most of the Japanese words are polysyllabic, therefore the number of them required by the haiku is relatively small: from five to eight or nine, in total. Haikus do not rhyme. The only formal requisite is to have 17 syllables. Although within a haiku there can be more than one sentence, they always content a sole poetic image. The haiku pretends to say something without saying it. What is not said communicates more than words, but has to count with them. Poetry in haiku propagates in infinite meanings because it frequently reaches that perfect simplicity pursued by philosophy, religion, literature, art and, of course, also pursued by dance.


  • Choreography:
    Nacho Duato
  • Music:
    Pedro Alcalde / Sergio Caballero (Diecisiete)
  • Costume and Set Design:
    Nacho Duato
  • Lighting Design:
    Brad Fields
  • Running time:
    30 minutes
  • Premiere cast:
    Tamako Akiyama, Yolanda Martín, Ana María López, Luisa María Arias, Ana Tereza Gonzaga, Rafael Rivero, Francisco Lorenzo, Gentian Doda, Mathieu Rouviere, Isaac Montllor, Jens Rosen, José Carlos Blanco