En los segundos ocultos

Nicolo Fonte

En Los Segundos Ocultos is fundamentally inspired in The Protecting Veil, John Tavener’s piece for cello and string on which it is based.


T. S. Elliot´s words:“time future contained in time past” could come to summarise the spirit of Fonte´s choreography referring to time detained, devoid of a specific direction, where the linear chronological development is diluted in order for it to become an infinite spiral of contemplation.

The orthodox commemoration of the Virgin’s appearance at the Vlachemi Church (Constantinople) is Tavener’s inspiration for this musical composition. The constant movement of the dancers flows parallel to the sound of the cello, maintaining the desire of the choreographer to create, with dance and music, a lyrical icon.

En Los Segundos Ocultos is Fonte´s second work for the Compañía Nacional de Danza, after Child’s Play, whose première was in 1998.