Érase una vez…

Yoko Taira

Érase una vez… present us with a world of dreams. Images which are stamped on the mind of the choreographer and inspired by traditional Japanese music. These are portraits which have been sketched out to oriental rhythms which awaken in Yoko Taira her most profound roots.


This artist, who has Spanish nationality, takes her inspiration from a culture which is virtually unknown to us. Exotic, exquisite, different. A world which is full of the sensitivity and poetry shown in this creation.

Érase una vez… is the first ballet that Yoko Taira has produced for the Compañía Nacional de Danza 2. In 1999, In the 5th CND Workshop, she began to work with movement, which was the springboard for Reconstrucciones (Reconstructions), her first work. A year later saw her second piece Kosamai, which also featured Japanese music and which was the forerunner to this ballet.