No more play

Jirí Kylián

The basic idea of this choreography is inspired by a small sculpture by Alberto, a simple slightly deformed board-game with little craters and ditches and two pieces of wood resembling human figures. One might feel as if one had been invited to a game, the rules of which are being kept secret or have never been determined. But as you begin to play this mysterious game, you start to learn its laws – only sometimes too late.


Anton Webern’s music has a fascinating feeling of essentiality and inevitability, its sound and structure create captivating transparency and dynamic tension. These qualities assembled by Webern’s uncompromising genius become a source of energy which has direct influence on anything that might be simultaneously happening on stage. The seriousness of much of which we set out to undertake, often results in no more than a grotesque grimace, but it should be accepted as such, and becomes a valid part of our being. So this choreographic play of structure bodies, mind, sound and light in time and space is merely a metaphor of a game with extremely severe rules, which someone once wrote in a long forgotten language.