Inmaculada López



Graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Granada and in Visual Arts and Dance from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. A career official in the Technical Engineers of Naval Arsenals and a Senior Scientist of Defense, specializing in aerospace metrology and calibration.

She began her training in classical dance at the Professional Dance Conservatory of Granada in 2010. She later joined the Ballet Tiempo Presente, directed by Andrés Williams and Marisa Mondo. After completing her studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Granada, she moved to Madrid to pursue a degree in Visual Arts and Dance, with a specialization in classical dance, at the Rey Juan Carlos University. She graduated in 2020 after completing a training course at the Fortea Conservatory in Madrid.

In 2020, she started her career as a civil servant by joining the Technical Engineers of Naval Arsenals, being assigned to her first position in Projects and Construction and Project Supervision at the Logistics Support Headquarters of the Navy.

In 2022, she passed the competitive examination for promotion to the rank of Senior Scientist of Defense.

Throughout this period, she remained connected to dance, continuing her training in classical dance and other styles such as jazz, contemporary, and flamenco.

In May 2023, she joins as the Manager of the National Dance Company.