CND on Pinterest

#CND 2020 / 2021

We launch a new season and we did not want to miss the chance to promote it on our social networks. We’re back on Pinterest with the last performances. Don’t miss a thing.


The artistic photographs of our dancers, together with the beauty of the choreographies they perform, results in an undeniable attraction to thousands of ballet fans and they also help us to transmit and spread our art among young people. That’s the reason why we wanted to revitalize the social network Pinterest and to continue betting for the internet as a basic support to communicate with our public.

We want to make a virtual logbook out of the CND Pinterest, where anyone can consult, share, comment and save all of those magical moments captured in photographs. Those pictures can be now part of the albums of the thousands of users of this network, that is characterized by the quality of the images and the capacity to share them.

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