Nazionale Sfera d'Oro per la Danza 2023 award to Elisabetta Formento

We congratulate our soloist Elisabetta Formento on her nomination!

On September 30, the dancer Elisabetta Formento was congratulated for her nomination in the fifth edition of the Premio Nazionale Sfera d’Oro per la Danza 2023, coordinated by Alfio Agostini and awarded by Gabriella Furlan Malvezzi.

Galà_dei_Premiati_2023_(Mario_Sguotti) ED

The gala was held at the Verdi Theater in Padua, attended by great personalities from the world of dance. Among the members of the jury were Marcello Angelini (dancer, choreographer, director of the Tulsa Ballet, USA), Valentina Bonelli (dance critic), Jean-Sébastien Colau (principal dancer of the Paris Opera, director of the Ballet of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo), Valeria Crippa (dance critic for Corriere della Sera), Roger Salas (dance critic for El País, Madrid), Sonia Schoonejans (dance critic, Paris).

Our dancer Elisabetta Formento has a great career that has led her to obtain recognition like this. He began his studies at the Accademia di Danza e Spettacolo in Ivrea and at the Oxana Kichenko Ballet in Turin. In 2011 she continued training alongside Irina Pyatkina, Ilya Ryzhakov, Svetlana Ivanova at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, where she graduated in 2015. During her professional career, she has been part of the Estonian National Ballet (2015-2017), the Estonian Ballet National Ballet of Holland (2017-2020) and the National Ballet of Poland (2020-2022), and currently as a soloist with the CND.