Iván Pérez

"Have you ever seen your reflection in a shop window, looked around you and wondered: What is fashionable? Is this in fashion or demodé?".
-Iván Pérez-

  • World premiere by Compañía Nacional de Danza: at Las Naves del Español, Madrid (Spain), November 14th 2012

“It seems like not being emotional is fashionable. It seems fashionable to dodge your own demons and passions.
Is there really such a need to know what I’m doing and why? I could never create from scratch, one is inevitably filled with memories, with past essences that teach me and inspire me alike. And I wonder, who isn’t? Fashions, ideologies, artistic styles and trends are short-lived, they come back and are transformed. What cannot be denied is that the final result, the work of art itself and regardless of the items of which it is composed, is something new in its own right”.
-Iván Pérez-


  • Choreography:
    Iván Pérez
  • Music:
    Luis Miguel Cobo
  • Set Design, Costumes and Lighting Design:
    Iván Pérez
  • Costumes made by:
    CND Wardrobe
  • Running time:
    31 minutes
  • Premiere cast CND:
    Tamako Akiyama, Elisabet Biosca, Allie Papazian, Mar Aguiló, Allan Falieri, Javier Monzón, Daan Vervoort