Nippon Koku

Marcos Morau & La Veronal en colaboración con los bailarines de la CND

As Kieslowski did in the eighties, the La Veronal company is creating a decalogue where each piece takes a country or city in the world as a starting point, creating an analogy between dance and geography. The pieces are not intended as a direct description of a place or country. Rather, they make use of elements suggested by the place-name to develop an idea, an argument.


NIPPON-KOKU, an original creation for Compañía Nacional de Danza, will complete that Decalogue. It is the first collaboration between CND & La Veronal. La Veronal is made up of artists that come from dance, cinema, photography and literature. The artistic team’s mission is the constant search for new expressive media, for cultural references – cinema, literature, music and photography, mostly – and to commit to a strong narrative language with the intention of creating global art spaces.