Romeo & Juliet

Goyo Montero

Compañía Nacional de Danza presents Romeo and Juliet by Goyo Montero, the present director of the Ballet of Nuremberg and winner of the Spanish National Dance Prize 2011.


With Romeo and Juliet, the choreographer approaches the universal work by William Shakespeare from a personal perspective, with in-depth analysis of the psychological aspect of the characters and development of the figure of Mab, Queen of the Fairies, fate and death. This character appears as a theme from the famous monologue by Mercutio. In this version, he becomes a doer, bard and narrator of the unfolding story of lovers condemned by the ancestral hatred of their families. Montero is extremely original in this Romeo and Juliet. While keeping to the plot, he emphasises the strength of emotions, combining the dynamics of the score by Prokofiev with the expressivity and passion of the dancers. During the ballet, there are spectacular group scenes, nearly acrobatic, combined with poetic pas de deux that remind us that love may become an addiction. Through elegance, melancholy and combativeness, Montero tells us this tragedy of love in an extremely vivid, sensual way.