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Natalia Fernandes

Ensayo de Anatomía y Estrategia, tres mujeres arrodilladas
Ensayo de Anatomía y Estrategia, dos mujeres estiran de la camiseta de una tercera


“Anatomía y Estrategia” is the title of Natalia Fernandes’ solo, which won the Me, Myself and I category award in  29th Choreography Contest of Madrid (Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid).

The solo suggests a close and vehemently critical look at the relationship humans have with their environment. It reflects, in a non-too-obvious way on the strategies our bodies build to tackle the boundaries between reality and human rationality.

What is the relation between our bodies and the lines of reason drawn by our century? Where does the nature of our bodies begin and end? How do we control the defining lines? When do we lose control?


As the result of an artistic collaboration between Natalia Fernandes and two resident artists in Madrid—Isabela Rossi and Dakota Comín—the project “Estudios para la Anatomía–La Mujer” (Studies of the Anatomy—Woman)marksa first step towards trying to access our contemporary thought, with all our questionings and behaviours, through the muscles, bones and organs.
“The body is thought and so therefore body movement is the movement of thought.” That reasoning is the base and motor of Natalia’s physical work in this investigation, with thought and motion being a source of reciprocal action. n this first study, focused on the subject of woman and her anatomy, the dancers explore feminine thought and doubts and desires through the possibilities and limits marked by her anatomy. 

  • Natalia Fernandes. Rehearsal CND Residencies 2017
  • Creation by Natalia Fernandes
  • Dancers: Dakota Comin and Isabela Rossi (Estudios para Anatomia – La Mujer), Natalia Fernandes (Anatomia y Estrategia)
  • Music: Rodrigo Ramos
  • Lighting: Pablo Seoane
  • Images and Video: Agustína Arán
  • Projected Text: Poema from ´Livro da Dança´ (‘Book of Dance’), by Gonçalo M Tavares
  • Teaser: Marlene González, Jonatan Doblado, Yaina Llano
  • With the collaboration of: Jeronimo Bittencourt, Clarissa Sachelli, Barbara Faustino, Gonçalo M Tavares, Isabela Rossi, Dakota Comin, Natalia Mendonça, Goncalo Marcelo
  • Research consulting: Bruno Dahia (Ph.D in International Law)

Acknowledgement and thanks to: 29th Choreography Contest of Madrid (Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid), Pasoa2, Musibéria, Rua das Gaivotas, Teatros Canal/Centro de Danza Canal, Compañía Nacional de Danza, Choreographers en Comunidad-Conde Duque and Valdo.


Natalia Fernandes is a Brazilian dancer and choreographer who has been living between Madrid and New York since 2015. She studied dance at the Campinas State University in Brazil. Her career includes, mainly, work as a dancer for a number of companies and choreographers in Brazil, Europe and USA. As a choreographer herself, she has worked since 2014 in different countries and has been researching different cultures across Germany, Brazil, Jordan, Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Her project 'The Oldest Thing in the World´  received the support both of the American Language Center in Tangiers and of the American Legation Museum in Tangiers.

This project includes a fragment of the solo ´This is Not Mine´. This solo has been performed at various different festivals and theatres across Europe, Africa and the Americas since 2015. Natalia was invited as choreographer by Madrid’s Laboratorio 180 company to work on the project 'Anatomía y Estrategia I ´.

In 2016, Natalia was an award winner in the 29th Choreography Contest of Madrid (Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid) within the Me, Myself and I category, for her solo version of 'Anatomia y Estrategia ' and recieved the support of the Pasoa2 team to carry out the creative work on that solo.

Natalia is also the project director for the ongoing development of the piece ‘Estudios para Anatomia – La Mujer´, working with other artists in Madrid. She is a teacher of contemporary dance in Carmen Senra’s BambuDanza school. Additionally, she is carrying out a project of body awareness and contemporary dance for refugees together with the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid (CAER) in Madrid. 



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